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The Loftware Knowledge Base is an online database of information, frequently asked questions, and solutions to typical problems with the Loftware Print Server family of products. The products covered by this Knowledge Base include:

  • Loftware Print Server and clients
  • Loftware Label Manager
  • Loftware's Connector products
  • Loftware WebAccess and Web Services                                                                    


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If you installed LPS 12.0 and are experiencing issues starting the Web Listener, see Web Listener does not start - WLCplExe.exe - System Error

Due to a mandatory security patch delivered by Microsoft on Tuesday October 10, 2017, Loftware Print Server customers using the Microsoft 32bit ODBC driver for (*.xls) files may see the following error:

ODBC Excel Driver Login Failed Unexpected error from external database driver (1)

See the following article for information on how to resolve this error:

Error Message: ODBC Excel Driver Login Failed Unexpected error from external database driver (1)

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