A Loftware Label Manager or Loftware Print Server hardware key is not being recognized after Windows 10 is upgraded to Version 1803.


The upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1803 can deactivate the Sentinel System Driver functionality required for the Loftware hardware keys to work


To correct the issue, re-run the Sentinel System Driver <ver> Installer.exe (ver may vary)  located on the Loftware computer, in the Loftware Labeling\DIAGNOST\Sentinel folder

Download the Driver

If the driver is missing from your Loftware computer, it may be downloaded below

Run the Driver Installer

  1. Run the Sentinel System Driver Installer application (exe).
  2. Select Yes if the Windows Account Control pop up appears.
  3. Click Next when the Sentinel System Driver Installer Welcome page appears.
  4. On the Program Maintenance page, select Repair
  5. Click Next, and follow the instructions on the pages that appear. 
  6. Restart LLM.

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