When the attribute pointSize on the element field is not defined in the DTD/Schema, you receive the following error: 

(M1108) Error with Script field 'scriptJ1' ; XML Parser Error


Using scripting to change the point size of a field. The following syntax was written:

label.fields.field.(@name == 'fieldA').@pointSize=20;  
label.fields.field.(@name == 'fieldZ').@pointSize=72; 

When running this, the error above is generated because the syntax is not correct.


The script was written without qualifying the @pointSize element as a .font.@pointSize. All font properties should be qualified by ".font.@"

The correct way to write the script is:

label.fields.field.(@name == 'fieldA').font.@pointSize=20;  
label.fields.field.(@name == 'fieldZ').font.@pointSize=72;

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