User is creating a new scan path in the LPS Configuration and receives this message.

(M5401) Do you want to create this directory?


There are two possible reasons that you would receive this message.

  1. The directory you are specifying doesn't exist or doesn't exist at the UNC path specified.
  2. The directory exists, but permissions prevent the Loftware Print Server account from accessing the location.
    If this is the case, it would be immediately followed by the error message (M5389) when "Yes" was selected.


Issue 1

Make sure that the directory exists and that the UNC path is correct by using Windows Explorer to navigate to the directory.

Issue 2 

  1. Make sure that the Loftware LPS user can access the directory.

  2. Log in as that user and confirm that the user can navigate to that directory and then create, save, and delete a simple text file in that directory.

  3. Escalate the user permission level, or grant explicit access to that user at the directory level.

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