The new Intermec firmware allows for the Head Temp to be set higher than 10. In LPS, the Head Temp level can only be set from -10 to 10 and in some instances the Head Temp will need to be higher than 10. The printer setting Commands Ignore needs to be enabled. This setting allows all commands to be sent down the print stream, but it ignores shift commands like darkness, cutter, maximum label length, etc, and instead uses the settings on the printer. 

Loftware refers to the setting as Head temp and Intermec refers to it as darkness setting.

How to turn on the Commands Ignore setting in an Intermec PM43

Turning on the Commands Ignore setting can only be done through the web interface of the Intermec printer. 

  1. Launch a web browser and in the web site address, enter the IP address of the printer.
  2. In the web interface of the printer, click the Configure tab, and then click Languages in the tree on the left of the page.
  3. The login page is displayed. Enter the default user name admin and the default password pass. If this does not work, contact your printer administrator for the user name and password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Click Languages in the tree on the left again, then select IPL that is displayed under Languages.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Commands Ignore field, then change the setting to Enabled.

    The following is the list of commands that are turned on when using this command:

    <SI>cCutter, Enable or Disable
    <SI>DEnd-of-Print Skip Distance, Set
    <SI>dDark Adjust, Set
    <SI>FTop of Form, Set
    <SI>fLabel Rest Point, Adjust
    <SI>gMedia Sensitivity, Select
    <SI>LMaximum Label Length, Set
    <SI>RLabel Retract, Enable or Disable
    <SI>rLabel Retract Distance, Set
    <SI>tSelf-Strip, Enable or Disable
    <SI>WLabel Width, Set
    <SI>XLabel Origin, X-Y Adjust
  7. Scroll to the top of the screen and click Save.

Keep in mind when enabling Commands Ignore that these shift commands would all need to be set correctly on the printer. It will ignore what is sent down in the IPL print stream and use the settings on the printer.

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