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The error message "Unable to obtain UNC Equivalents" is displayed when WatchDogNT.exe is launched, or if the LPS is run as a service, is displayed in Event Viewer.


  1. Close all Loftware Applications.
  2. Ensure that the path to the Labels, Layout and WDDrop directories are SHARED* to the Network.
  3. Verify the share exists, and if you are still experiencing this problem, you may have to manually configure the LPS / WatchDog-NT to recognize the correct paths.

To Manually Configure the LPS (or WatchDog-NT)

  1. Locate the llmwdn32.ini file under the Windows or WIN NT directory.
  2. Add the following entries to the [UNCPaths] section of the file.

    LabelFiles=Machine Name\LOFTWARE$\LABELS
    LayoutFiles=Machine Name\LOFTWARE$\LAYOUTS
    ScanPath=Machine Name\LOFTWARE$\WDDROP AutoConvert=0

    Note: If the [UNCPaths] section does not exist, create it. Keep in mind that the paths listed below are only examples of shared paths, and you must alter your paths according to the way your system is configured. Auto Convert stops the LPS from automatically overriding the UNC Paths that are created.

  3. Save the file.

*If you are not sure of what a Share is, contact your Network Administrator.

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