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When using Design 32 to save a label template, an "Error and Warning Messages" dialog box appears containing a warning similar to that shown below.


Warning: NOKEYTOREF: Database-key field 'Text0000' has no data fields

Note:  The warning message in the example above indicates the field name is Text0000, however, any valid field name could appear in the message.


Label templates containing ODBC connections to a database must have at least one Database-Key field and typically one or more fields having Database-Data, Database-File, or Database-Serial data sources.  There is no requirement, however, that a Database-Key field have other Database fields associated with it.  For example, a label template may contain only one field, and if that field has an ODBC connection then it must have a Database-Key data source, and since no other fields are on the label this warning will appear when the label is saved. 


This message is a Warning and not a Fatal error. It's main function is to bring awareness to the template designer in case this is not intended.  Labels saved with this warning can still print successfully.  When this warning appears the designer should: 

  1. Consider the warning, and if this message is the result of an intended template design the user can simply click the OK button and the label will be saved. 

  2. If this warning is not expected, the designer should recheck the data sources assigned to each field and modify them as needed to reflect the correct Database-Data, Database-Serial, or Database-File data sources.



Article Number



All supported Loftware Label Manager and Loftware Print server versions.


All supported Loftware Label Manager and Loftware Print server environments.