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Starting in Oracle Connector you can have a load balancer that works with the Loftware Oracle Connector and Loftware Print Servers. 

In the Connector Console under List Configuration section, you can scroll to Connector Properties. Within this section there is a property called lpsLoad Balancer = <Name of the Load Balancer server>.  When it shows a null value or the wrong server name, how do you change this to be the correct name of the Load Balancer?


If null or the wrong server name is listed under the Connector Properties section you will not be able to print labels.  To correct, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the LPS Servers page on the Oracle Connector Console.

  2. On the LPS servers page you will see the section called Proxy IP/Hostname

  3. Type the IP Address and or the Hostname of the Load Balancer server and then select the Save button.

  4. The screen will just flash quickly. Go back to the Connection page and select the List Configuration and then select Go.
  5. Under the Connector properties the lpsLoadBalancer should now say the server name.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. Once you click the "Save" button the screen will only flash quickly you may not even see it. Just check the Connection properties to see if it executed correctly.
    2. If the Proxy IP/Hostname is blank and you hit Save it will change it to null.

It is very important to not hit the Save button in the Proxy IP/Hostname unless the correct server name for the load balancer is listed.




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