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Unable to open the LPS Servlet Page in a browser after installing the Web Servlet.


In several sections of Chapter 14, Internet Printing(Rev. 13-B of the LPS User's Guide), there are references to the address of the LPS Web Servlet. In each of these sections, the word "Loftware" is spelled with a capital "L", when a lower case "l" should be typed into the browser window.
The sections to note are on:Pages 14-10 to 14-11 (Step 5) referring to Windows and Unix installation of the LPS Web Servlet.http://<ipaddress:port>(if needed-default 8080)/loftware/LPSRPT.jspOn page 14-12, #4e, Application URL: should be typed in as: /loftware.
There may be later User's Guides where this same typographical error occurs...remember that Loftware is always entirely lower case.

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