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When using the Loftware Print Server (formerly WatchDog-NT), if the printer is shut off during a print run, the remaining labels print incorrectly once the printer is powered back on.


The remaining labels print incorrectly because the LPS is not re-sending the label format to the printer after the initial format download. If the printer is turned off and then back on without restarting the LPS or setting Shared Network printing, the label formats are not re-sent to the printer. Most thermal printers clear their memory when powered off.
By enabling shared network printing, you can force the LPS to re-send the format for each label before it prints. To enable shared network printing:

  1. In Loftware Design Mode, select File/Printers/Connection.
  2. Check the box for Shared Network Printing.

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 All Versions of Loftware Using the LPS


All supported installation environments.