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When opening a label in On-Demand Print or double-clicking on a database connected field in Design, I get the following error:

Error from ODBC: Data source name not found and no default driver specified. ODBC Data source is ____________. Consult online help or the User Guide for more information on using ODBC.


Follow these steps to reconnect your labels to their data sources:

  1. From the Windows  desktop, select Start | Settings | Loftware Labeling, and double click on the ODBC icon to launch the ODBC administrator.
  2. Click Add, and from the list of available ODBC drivers select the one that corresponds to the type of database your label is connected to; click Finish.
  3. In the box labled Data Source Name enter that name referenced in the ODBC error ('ODBC data source is _________.') exactly as it is displayed in the error. ODBC data source names are space and case sensitive and as such, your ODBC driver is NOT recognized unless its DSN is entered exactly as it is displayed in the error. Entry of an appropriate 'Description' is optional.
  4. Select the exact directory or database file to connect to, then click OK until you have exited the configurator.


If using the On-Demand Print Client with the Loftware Print Server, follow the same instructions on the PC running the LPS. Also, make sure that the DSN is configured as a system DSN.
Your database connection should now be established on this computer.


Use only the 32 bit ODBC admisiatrator found under Loftware Labeling

Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions.


Any supported LPS Family product environment