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Can Loftware be configured to show non-printing data in audit files?


Loftware Versions 6.1 and above

Yes, Non-Printing Fields are shown through Global Auditing.

  1. Open Options > from Design or one of the Loftware Print Modules; select Audit Setup.
  2. Choose Global Auditing; type the name of the field in the text box, press Add and OK.

More information on Global Auditing is found in the Loftware Label Manager User's Guide, online or in PDF format on this website.

Loftware Versions to 6.0

If you are using a Zebra printer, Loftware can be configured to report non-printing fields in your audit files.

  1. Select Options from Design or one of the Loftware Print Modules; make sure that there is a check-mark next to Enable Auditing. If not, click Enable Auditing to enable audit files.
  2. Select Options | Preferences; Preferences opens.
  3. Select the tab or node labeled 'Reports' and in the 'Audit File Options' section, place a check-mark in the box labeled Show Non-Printing Data In Audit File.
  4. Click OK; close all Loftware programs.

Starting with the next print request, non-printing data is reported to the audit file.

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