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When selecting label to print, the following message appears in Loftware WebAccess:

[msg 1111] Unable to parse data, error message:javax.xml.transform.TransformerException:<additional information>


Loftware WebAccess Print Page with Error


The selected label's file name contains characters that are not supported in Loftware Web Access. The following characters may not be used in label file names (LWLs):

  • &
  • %
  • <
  • >
  • commas (,) 
  • spaces


  1. Open the label in Design 32, and save it with a name that does not use reserved characters.
  2. Restart the application server on the server hosting Loftware WebAccess.


After renaming the label file and reloading the label cache, the label will be printable from Loftware Web Access.


Article Number



 Loftware Web Access


All supported Windows installation environments.