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How to pass XML reserved characters (&, <, >, ",') as XML data in Loftware


  • MS-XML Parser Version 3.0 or higher (included with Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher) 

How to Pass Reserved Characters in XML

    •  XML substitution formats are as follows:

      XML sample
      Ampersand (&):		&amp;
      Less than (<):		&lt;
      Greater than (>):	&gt;
      Quote ("):			&quot;
      Apostrophe ('):		&apos;
    • Example
      The data string "Ben & Jerry's" would look like:
    • <variable name=Company>Ben &amp; Jerry&apos;s</variable>


Loftware has adopted Microsoft's XML Parser rules as of 8.3 and newer. Some characters that you could pass without interpretation using Loftware's rules in version 7.x will not work in 9.x. Here is a Microsoft Technical link regarding XML parsing:

Article Number



Loftware Version 8.3 or higher


Any supported LPS family product environment