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How to Troubleshoot Key errors / Demo Mode on LPS and stand alone versions of Loftware Label Manager. This article does not cover DOS versions or LAN licensed versions of Loftware.


Steps to troubleshoot the version of Loftware

  • Check the version - if the third number is zero (e.g., this is a demo version that will not "Go Live." 
  • Does the error returned say: "32 bit key is required to operate this product"?This is a 16 bit key - call Loftware Customer Service for a 32 bit key.

Steps to troubleshoot the key itself

  1. Remove the key, download the newest drivers for the sentinel system from {+}
  2. Install the drivers and reboot the machine.
  3. Re-attach the key and check for Demo Mode.

Steps to troubleshoot in Loftware's Design32 or On Demand Print 32: 

  1. Choose Options > Preferences and expand the Key section.
  2. Select Rainbow Local.

Steps to troubleshoot USB keys (Only works for USB - Key only works for Windows 98se, 2000 and XP) 

  1. Check for the Key driver in the Device manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  2. Try removing the key and reinstalling it and see if the "Found New Device" window activates.

Steps to troubleshoot in the BIOS of the machine (Only applicable for LPT keys):

  1. Enter into the BIOS of your machine (changes from machine to machine).
  2. Select One of the following modes (they all are names for the same mode): EPP, Unidirectional, Common

Other steps 

  • Try Swapping the key with another known good key if you have one.
  • Try the key on another system, if possible.
  • Contact Loftware Support.

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 All versions of Windows 32 bit Loftware


All supported installation environments.