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How to locate and/or delete empty, blank or missing fields on a label.


Occasionally a field on a label can become lost because it has no data or only spaces. Fields can also be moved off the label canvas, so the field is no longer visible in the Design window. In the case of the field being off the label, some printers will return an error and not allow the label to be printed until the field is removed.


Use one of the following methods to select the existing fields on the label

  • Use the Properties box drop down menu to select each of the fields on the label.
  • Select a field on the label, and then press the Tab key to advance to the next field.

If the field is on the label a blue box will highlight its location allowing you to select and then edit or delete the field.
If the field has been moved off the label canvas, you will notice as you select a new field from the Properties box or tab to the next field that at some point there will be no selected field on the label (no blue box will appear). When this happens, click on the title bar of the label (as opposed to the label itself) as this allows you to change the focus from the Properties box to Design without unselecting the field. Once the focus has changed you can try using the different zoom levels to see if the field can be located or simply press the delete key on your keyboard to remove the off-canvas field.

Select the title bar (red rectangle) to change the focus to the label without unselecting an off canvas field.

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