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The fixed image is downloaded every time I print to a Monarch 9820.


The default behavior for a Monarch 9820 is to not store images.  Since this is the default behavior of the printer, Loftware does not, by default, attempt to store the image(s).  If the 9820 is configured to store images, then the following section and line can be added to the \windows\llmwdsgn.ini or llmwdn32.ini file:
Editing the ini file manually is only necessary from Version until 2.2.x. In 2.2 or greater, use the Options > Preferences program in Design Mode, select the Monarch Tab, and check Always Store Graphics.
Note: Be aware that this setting is still dependent on the graphic size. See the Monarch Manual for more information.
Note: Monarch is now known as Paxar.

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