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When using an Oracle Connector with Loftware Print Server, you get the following error:

Error in the LPS Interactive Req_GETTAB Failed to retrieve 'Zebra ZM400 (ZPL)/TEL_Material3.lwl with error


This error occurs when using the Oracle connector. By default, the Oracle connector looks for the label in a directory as the same name as the printer. If your default directory for Loftware is C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling\LABELS, and you are printing to a Zebra ZPLII,  then the Oracle Connector expects the label to be in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling\LABELS\Zebra ZPLII\ .

Note: This is a default setting and can be changed.


There are two methods available to fix this error:

  1. First method: Update the directory structure on the Loftware Printer Server to include the printer name, and add the <LabelName>.lwl to that directory.

  2. Second method: In the Oracle Connector console, by placing all your files in the same directory you can just remove the label format path in the Loftware Connector Console.

    1. Log in to the Loftware Connector Console by migrating to http://localhost:8080/ConnectorConsole in a browser.

    2. Once you have logged in to the Console, click on Settings.

    3. Once in settings click on Modify Label Format Path.

    4. Once in the Connector Label format Path screen, select the fields you want to remove, then select the Remove Field button.

    5. Once you have removed the field, you will notice the Current label format path is now blank. This means it will search for the <filename>.lwl in the default install directory of Loftware which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling\LABELS.

    6. Select Done and print again, now you should have a successful print as long as the label is in the default directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling\LABELS.


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