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How do I create a report of my printing activity in Loftware?


Loftware can create a comma-separated (separator can be customized) file which contains information about printing activity from Loftware's print modules. This file, called an Audit file, contains information about which label files were printed, what the data for each field was, what printer was used, etc. Since these files are in CSV format, Loftware Audit files are easily imported into database programs for organization and tracking purposes.

To enable Audit files
Versions up to 6.0

  • Go to the menu of any of the Loftware Print Modules and select Options > Enable Auditing.

Versions 6.1+

  • Choose Options > Audit Setup from Design Mode.

See the Advanced Techniques chapter of the Loftware Label Manager's User's Guide Online or in PDF Format on this website for more information, including Loftware's Global Auditing feature.

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