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Assigning an Alias to a Windows printer in Loftware.


When using a *PRINTERNAME with a Windows printer, apply the following steps in order to determine the actual printer name.
To find the printer name that has been assigned to the Windows Printer:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Open the printr32.ini file in the Loftware Labeling directory.
    (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling)
  3. Copy the name of the Windows printer displayed at the end of the line.


printr32.ini Example
Printer0=Loftware Easy Coder 501XP UBI),LPT1:,3114,Shipping 

At the end of the Printer0= line is the Alias name for the Loftware Easy Coder 501XP which is "Shipping". At the end of the Printer1= line is the alias for the Windows printer which is "\\WINGNTS40ENT01\Techroom"

Paste the name you have copied (i.e.; \\WINGNTS40ENT01\Techroom) after *PRINTERNAME in a pas file (or xml, etc.)

An example of what the Windows Printer alias would look like in a pas file is:

.pas Example


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 LLM/LPS, all versions


All supported installation environments.