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In a barcode, you want to encode multiple string values separated by the ASCII value for a Tab (#x09;), but the Tab does not encode properly. 

I have a form requiring 4 separate string values in 4 different form fields. I want my user to be able to scan one barcode to populate the 4 form fields. The 4 strings, as well as the 3 required Tab entries, are already stored and sent from a database as follows:

String 1 #x09;String 2 #x09;String 3 #x09; String 4

My expected result is as follows:
String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 

However, when the barcode is scanned, the entire string sent from the database is displayed as a literal:
String 1 #x09;String 2 #x09;String 3 #x09; String 4


The passing of the ASCII Tab character string is not recognized on the label.


Add a Script Data Source field to the label. The existence of a Script on the label causes LPS to change its behavior in how the ASCII representations of values such as a Tab are encoded, allowing the actual value to be encoded into the barcode, rather than the literal string. The actual script in the Script field does not matter, and can be the default value for the Script. 

With the Script Data Source field on the label, the scanned result is as expected:
String 1 String 2 String 3 String 4 

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